Market Research & Analytics

Initiate Business Reconnaissance

Learn more about your customers, your competition and your industry. Quality market research and marketing analytics can lead to better insights, better ideas and ultimately, better decisions.

We offer a variety of quantitative market research and data analysis techniques to aid the development of your Marketing Strategy and Plan or to help assess and optimize your current marketing programs. Services include:

  • Customer & Market Surveys
    • Demographics & Psychographics
    • Conjoint Analysis (preference evaluation)
  • Business SWOT Analysis
  • Secondary Data Research
    • Industry
    • Market
    • Competitor
  • Database & Web Analytics
    • Market Segmentation
    • High Value Customer Identification
    • Purchasing Patterns
    • Conversion & Acquisition
    • Website & Social Media Performance Audits
    • Site Traffic & Customer Digital Journey Mapping
    • A/B Split Testing
    • Customized Marketing Analytics