Our Process

A Client Centric Approach


Small business marketing can be tricky, but the process is critical. It all starts with a simple conversation. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective – a knowledgeable marketing professional to step in, assess the situation objectively and give you the insight, direction and ultimately, the solutions you’re looking for. Important questions to think about include:

  • What are you trying to accomplish and where do you need help?
  • What are your short term objectives and long term goals?
  • What is your timeframe and budget?

Once we get to know you, understand your needs and clarify the objectives, goals and scope of your project, we can begin the process and get to work.


We’ll show you what we think your project should entail, including the services and resources needed to meet your objectives and goals. We’ll also include fee ranges, based on the project scope and the services you choose. Like what you see? Then it’s time to move forward.


Working closely with you, we’ll fully develop your marketing plan, execute your project and deliver results. We maintain a network of flexible, skillful and accomplished Marketing, Creative and Analytic talent to draw upon to bring your project to life. Throughout the entire process, constant contact with you and your team is crucial. Transparency matters. We want to make sure that we’re delivering what is expected and that you’re seeing the results you anticipated – on time and on budget.